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Double Arm Sigma Mixer for Soap
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Double Arm Sigma Mixer for Soap

Double Arm Sigma Mixer for Soap

Double Arm Sigma Mixer for Soap

  • Sigma Mixer for Toilet / Laundry / Detergent Soaps
  • Batch Capacity - 50 kgs to 1 ton
  • Made in SS 304

Main Application:

  • The Sigma Mixer is used to mix perfume, colour, skin protecting agents and other additions with the dried base soap or chips.
  • The Abster Soap mixer is a twin paddle sigma blade mixer, manufactured from the highest quality 8mm thick steel.
  • The mixer allows the paddles to rotate freely and without risk of powder spillage.
  • The Sigma mixer is located on a strong steel frame, with a sub-frame with solid side plates to the floor, so the weight distribution is even.
  • The top of the Sigma mixer has a product in-feed hopper / grill in which the product is loaded.
  • The mixed product exits the Sigma mixer via a bottom exit bomb door, manufactured from double skin steel so the door when closed forms a labyrinth seal and fits flush with the inner surface of the mixer.
  • The door is operated from an integral mixer control panel which is conveniently situated near the mixer operator. When the door switch is operated, it actuates an electric motor that drives a lead screw through a crank mechanism which sits the mixer door.
  • This allows a powerful, even and controlled mechanical action when both opening and closing.
  • The mixer has two solid steel mixing shafts with sigma design paddles running in a counter clockwise direction. The paddles sweep the product towards the centre of the mixer and traverse the product along the length, hence giving a good mix. The 'U' shape double trough design ensures there are no dead areas within the mixer, hence giving a good even mix.
  • A motor & gearbox is used to maintain a continuous even mixing, while the formulation is added to the mixer, hence avoiding any risk of electrical overload.
  • Inter- shaft rotation is achieved by a large strong solid gearbox mounted between the main reduction box and the input drive housing.
  • Each shaft is supported with double roller bearings which are housed in their own bearing and seal housing.
  • On request, a jacketed trough is available for heating.

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