Ball Mill

ball Mill
ribbon blender cum roaster

Air swept mill is especially designed for the medium fine & size reduction of Bauxite, Bentonite , Barytes, coal, calcite, Redoxide, China Clay, fire clay, Bricks, Lime stone, feldspar, Dolomite, Soap Stone Gypsum, Stertite, Ochres, graphite, Asbestos, Food stuff, Crude drugs, Pharmaceutical products, dross separation, Wide range of Chemicals, Pulses, Agarbathi materials, Dyes, Pigments, Tapioca, Tobacco, Coconut shells, Katha, Charcoal etc.

Operating Principle

The in feed material is fed into the air stream at the mill inlet in a consistent metered fashion.

The beater plates impact and reduce the size of the largest particles and distribute the material around the periphery of the grinding zone where product is ground against the liner by the hammers which are mounted on the beater plates. The beater plates rotate at between 1,600 and 7,000 rpm with tip speed velocities ranging from 19,500 to 34,000 feet per minute to achieve specific particle size distribution output.

The classifier plate (5) separates the finely ground product for exit through the discharge outlet while returning oversize material back to the mill inlet through the recycle housing.

The Yagnam Air Swept Pulverizer grinds down as low as the 5 micron range using the maximum number of beater plates and highest speed setting. The ASP is commonly designed with heat input to grind and dry wet products, or cooling for cryogenic grinding. Simple adjustments to the machine allow a narrow distribution range of output particles on wet, dry, fibrous, or heat sensitive materials. Stearates, for example, are easily ground from 10 mesh down to 100% minus 325 mesh. A partial list of some of the products currently being ground on the ASP includes:


Co Fi Av
100 1440
6030 2400 1720
75 1440
3750 1500 1070
60 1440
2130 852 608
40 2880
1088 435 310
30 1440
510 204 145
20 2880
375 150 110
10 2880
150 60 45
10 2880
70 27 20

Dust Free Operation: Negative air pressure design keeps dust out of the air to eliminate health and plant hazards while resulting in clean conditions around the machine.

Economy of Operation: The basic efficiency of the ASP design delivers an exceptional ratio of product yield to power consumption, processing time and related production costs.

Ease of Maintenance: The Yagnam ASP is undoubtedly the easiest fine grinder on the market to clean, to change out wear parts, or to service the drive and bearings.

Standard Supply: ASP complete with feed hopper, set of separated top liners, set of side liners, Set of main shaft assly, set of bar hammer with carbide, set of air blower, V pulley for mill, V pulley for motor, V pulley for Air blower, Set of V Belt, Set of slide rail for motor, Set of Anti Vibration mounting pads, Set of safety guard for drive accessories Cyclone separator, pipe line, Mounting Stand for cyclone.

A partial list of some of the products currently being ground on the ASP includes:


Adhesives Cheese whey Dextrose Pigments
Spices Inorganic chemicals Dyes PVC
Wheat Barley Bran Sugars
Bentonite Clays Gums Polyesters
Talc Calcium carbonate Cocoa Herbs
Oats Rice Plastics Polypropylene
Carbon black Cosmetics Powders Pharmaceuticals
Salt Wood flour Botanicals Aqua feeds
Resins Lactose Limestone